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Middleton Juror's Favor Causes Downtown Ruckus

Middleton Juror's Favor Causes Downtown Ruckus

A strange looking box sitting on the hood of a juror's car parked in the Dane County Ramp on South Henry Street on Thursday morning turned out to be nothing, but it did cause a portion of the ramp to be closed for a brief period of time, according to the Madison Police Department.

A woman called police after spotting what appeared to be a duct tape-sealed container. Responding officers restricted ramp access and investigated the box, which was quickly identified as a Styrofoam picnic cooler, police said.

Two officers kept their distance, but were able to see there was a small hatchway cut into the cooler. They said there were no wires dangling from the opening, only strips of insulating foil.

Magic Car Wash Governor's Poll

Middleton residents in need of a car wash have a chance to weigh in on their favorite candidate for the upcoming gubernatorial election.  The Magic Wash car wash offers patrons an opportunity to express themselves by choosing which lane to wash their vehichles. 

You would have thought that Barrett's lane would be on the LEFT and Walker's on the RIGHT, but both lanes are clearly identified.  Magic Car Wash posts the "vote" tally every day on it's sign on Parmenter Street.

The Magic Car Wash is located on Parmenter Street, just south of Airport Road and Century Avenue.  The car wash had a similar set up for McCain and Obama in 2008.

Four-Legged Fun At Good Neighbor Festival

The four-legged fun starts at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 28 at the annual Good Neighbor Festival Dog Show at Fireman's Park in Middleton.  

Pets can compete in a variety of events such as costume contest, talent contest and best trick. 

There are also awards given for biggest, smallest, most spots and most unusual.

The Good Neighbor Festival runs from Friday, Aug. 27 through Sunday, Aug. 29.  For more information on the entire event go to www.goodneighborfestival.com.


National Mustard Day: Fun for all Ages

Middleton High School graduate, Diana Frank, returned from New York City to her hometown of Middleton to help celebrate National Mustard Day.

Diana was one of thousands of people who were hot-dogging around downtown Middleton on Saturday Aug. 7.

Free hot dogs were available with a suggested donation of $1 benefitting the Transplant House.  If you dared to put ketchup on your hot dog, a $10 fee was imposed!