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Mayor proclaims Saturday ‘Bird Day’ in the city | People

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Mayor proclaims Saturday ‘Bird Day’ in the city
Mayor proclaims Saturday ‘Bird Day’ in the city

Local, national protection groups bringing awareness to pet birds    

The City of Madison joins a national non-profit in celebrating the feathered kind on National Bird Day Saturday.

On Dec. 19, Mayor Paul Soglin signed a proclamation making Jan. 5 Bird Day in the city. Soglin wrote he “encourage[s] our citizens to conserve and protect the world’s birds from cruelty and extinction.”

The city’s Bird Day coincides with the same day it is celebrated nationwide through Born Free and the Avian Welfare Coalition.

Monica Engebretson, wildlife biologist with Born Free, said National Bird Day is about to protecting and appreciating birds.

“Birds are actually not domesticated animals like cats and dogs,” Engebretson said. “They belong in the wild and it is very challenging to meet their needs in a home environment.”

Born USA estimates about 16.2 million birds are kept in the United States as pets. 

“The reality is that with this large number in U.S. households, our focus must also be on educating bird owners and providing them with information on the complicated and necessary care they need in order for their birds to survive and thrive,” Engebretson explains.

Dane County Humane Society currently has a cockatiel named Figaro and four parakeets (Ruth, Larry, Daryl and Daryl). DCHS spokeswoman Gayle Viney said the birds that the humane society has ready for adoption are fun companions and can live up to 30 years.

“They’re bright and beautiful; they’re healthy,” Viney said. “Sometimes they can start to mimic and even repeat things that you’re saying, so that’s kind of fun too.”

In honor of National Bird Day, Viney said DCHS  is reducing its bird adoption fees by 50 percent for the month.

For more information, visit National Bird Day online.

Born Free USA is a national animal advocacy nonprofit organization.

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