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City-run youth center closes after 3 years | Parents & Kids

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City-run youth center closes after 3 years

After nearly three years as a city-run program, the Middleton Youth Resource Center was closed this week.

The city announced in a news release Thursday afternoon that the center is no longer in operation effective Tuesday.

The city said the Middleton Personnel, Finance, and Council approved the closure at a meeting Tuesday. The council approved the recommendation from the Commission on Youth for the remaining 2013 funds to go toward Recreation Department programming for fifth to eighth graders.

Youth program director Angela Fettes said the Middleton recreation department began the program in 2010 following the dissolution of a similar youth recreation program.

Fettes said the current program was discontinued due to dropping attendance.

“I’m horribly sad to see the program end,” Fettes said. She said she would be sharing the news with the kids tonight.

“The kids are great [but] they don’t understand attendance requirements and budget restraints,” Fettes said. “They just know they like to be in a place they can do their homework and be in a safe place after school.”

The city said a schedule of new programs would be available in late September. The new programs will be offered on no-school, early release days, and various times throughout the remainder of the year, according to the city.

Fettes added that a new youth center program is planned to open in 2015 at Kromrey Middle School when the facility completes its expansion.

“At Kromrey [the kids will] have the outdoor space to use and the gym … so many more things to do and use,” she added. “I don’t think it’s the city’s fault in that this didn’t work.” She said recruitment and the location at City Hall were challenges that will be eliminated with a relocation in a year and a half.

“I think a lot of great things will happen when the youth center is in Kromrey.”

Fettes said she's moving on to a new position with the Dane County Parent Council.

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