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Recent rise in mail thefts leads to police alert | Business

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Recent rise in mail thefts leads to police alert
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Recent rise in mail thefts leads to police alert

Police warned residents to be wary of thieves targeting mailboxes in the last month. 

The Middleton Police Department said it has seen an increase in reports of thefts from mailboxes. Police said information thieves obtain from mail can be used to steal one's identity. Checks and other items of value are also targeted in the thefts, according to the alert sent Tuesday afternoon.

Police offered tips to thwart mailbox theft:

  • Don't leave bill payment envelopes clipped to the mailbox or inside with the flag up. Deposit mail in a mail slot at the post office or hand it to the letter carrier. Police said thieves may take outgoing mail and change the sender's address
  • Know billing cycles and check for missing mail. Police said an identity thief may have filed a change of address in the recipient's name with a creditor or the post office
  • Pick up orders of new checks instead of having them delivered if your mailbox is not secure
  • Have your local post office hold your mail while you're on vacation, or absent from your home for a long period of time
Business, Crime, News, People

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